About Us

Hola, "otterly" crazy folks. We, like you, are a pack of otter crazy people working towards a better understanding of these animals, their habitats and threats. We realise "Protected Areas" alone cannot guarantee the survival of these feisty animals and hope to work with populations outside that need conservation attention. This is a platform where you log your sightings (from anywhere in India + SE Asia) and also if in the mood, contribute to one of our on-going campaigns.


Go ahead. Explore. Maybe there's an otter by the bend in the river. Come back and tell us about it.

Neernayi Android application

This android application is designed for field biologists, naturalists, or just about anybody who frequents otter habitats and curious about these animals. Warning! The app goes into quite a bit of detail, but don't be deterred. It's the details that we are interested in! So do key in some habitat details, whether you sighted the animal or its sign, the species, threats you observed nearby, den information, etc. All of these details are immensely helpful in understanding these animals a little better.

Download on Google Play Store now!


We are currently running two campaigns targeted at helping protect and restore otter habitats. Go ahead, do read more and feel free to contribute.


Hang on! Not done yet. We have tried keeping text to a minimum, but in case you're hungry for more here are some excellent resources on Indian otters.
Asian small-clawed otter:
OSG - Small-clawed otters
WIKI - Small clawed otters
Smooth-coated otter:
OSG - Smooth-coated otters
WIKI - Smooth coated otters
Eurasian otter:
OSG - Eurasian Otters
WIKI - Eurasian Otters
And another excellent site with some live updates from field- WILD OTTERS
Himalayan Otter Network

If you are interested to know more about our work or want to share information, drop us a mail @ ottersindia@gmail.com